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Fresh vegetables & USDA Choice cuts of meats

Every year at this time many of us focus on how we can improve our eating habits a bit more. Johnny Pomodoro’s makes cooking healthy a lot easier. Our produce is always the freshest possible and our butchers are continuously selecting the finest of meats and seafoods.

Did you know that we carry many low sodium choices? And our Bakery department includes sugar free selections as well. Eating healthy doesn’t mean losing out on flavor! Johnny Pomodoro’s has an abundant supply of tasty healthy choices for you to choose from.

Southern Grapefruits are .99 each. Jumbo Navel Oranges are only .99 per pound. And Mini Carrots make a great and easy snack are only .99 per bag. USDA Choice Chuck Roast is 5.99lb and Ahi Tuna Steaks are 8.99lb. Thinking about lunches; try Dearborn All-Natural Turkey is 7.79lb.

Add a little extra flavor to your choices with Sabra Hummus, your choice 2 for 6.00. Vlasic Sauerkraut is 1.99 for a 32oz. jar. Manischewitz Soup Beans are on sale for 2 packages for 3.00. Don’t forget a scoop of cottage cheese! Daisy Cottage Cheese is on sale 1.99 for 16 oz.

Let’s start the year off right! Come on in and see what kind of “Great Healthy Cooking Choices” are waiting for you.

See you in the store!