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Our Bakery Department and the Deli Nosh have added new delicious items. We have Sweet Treats from Star Bakery and a new Deli Nosh savory sandwich – The Super Bird. You must try them all.

The expanded selection in the bakery department includes Star Bakery favorites such as; Seven Layer Cake, Babka, Wagon Wheels, select Tea Cookies and more!

The Deli Nosh has combined turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, honey mustard and melted swiss on an onion roll and named it The Super Bird! A great taste sensation.

Some of our Sale Day items include:

-       Honey Crisp Apples $2.49lb.
-       Fresh Avocadoes only 89¢ each
-       Full Pint Blueberries are $2.99 a pint.

If you are on the run try JP’s Own:

-       Beef Meatloaf $8.99 lb.
-       Roasted Peppers $4.49 lb

Don’t forget to stock up the big game!

-       Bells Beer Selected Varieties $7.99 +tax and dep.
-       Looza Juice is 2 for $5.00
-       Lays Potato Chips are 2 Family sized bags 2 for $4.00

Bring something colorful into your home:

-       Gerber Daisies $4.99 4”pot
-       Alstromeria $5.99 a bunch


Shopping at Johnny Pomodoro’s is always friendly and festive.

We are your neighborhood store.